Bio-climatic design means: to use the weather in your benefit.   

Our planet is our home, but it is running out of time to recover from our exploitation.​

It is critical that we carefully choose biodegradable, reusable and planet friendly construction materials that reduce our carbon footprint.

Arquinativa uses local materials to reduce fossil fuel consumption from shipping and to promote local economic growth.

We also reduce costs by designing systems that capture, conserve and use natural sources of energy.


Our clients enjoy healthy spaces, with comfortable temperatures year round.


We use passive strategies like window treatments, cross ventilation, wall insulation, etc., to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling.

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Healthy & welcoming spaces are achievable through the use of           materials, colors and textures, that increase your feeling of comfort. 

We believe good architecture begins with the details of

the interior... and that makes all the difference.

People's comfort is our priority.

We design the cozy, elegant interiors that you’ve been imagining.

Employers would report enhanced employee performance, as a result of our renovations.

Arquinativa design furniture with natural and durable materials, from local and reliable vendors.

Your customers or family will feel more relaxed in the environments we design for them.

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